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Water Wearing

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Did you know you can bathe with your baby using a sling or a carrier? Think beach, shower or pool! It is made of polyester, nylon or neoprene - doesn’t absorb water and can have a form of a wrap, ring sling, soft structured (buckle) or onbuhimo carrier.

You can introduce baby to the water (shower, pool or sea) in comfort and safety, securely attached to you. You relax and so does your baby, exploring the new natural element from a safe and familiar position. That's how you can both get to love it and have some fun.

In hot weather, water slings and carriers allow you to go to the pool or beach, while keeping your baby close to you, safe and hands free. You can cool off, play with your toddler or relax with friends while constantly monitoring your baby.

The fabric of water carrier or sling is not ideal (comfortable or even suitable) for an every day use. It is made for water adventures: salty water and chlorine won’t damage the fabrics and you can easily wash or rinse and quickly dry. The water slings especially are usually budget-friendly - you can keep your higher-priced every-day carrier or sling out of water and ready for all other occasions.

How to keep safe while water wearing?

  • Get to know your carrier or sling before you use it in the water, get comfortable with it: all types need some getting used to. Read the product instructions.

  • Never swim with your baby on you.

  • Stand or sit in the water and keep the water low in order to prevent your baby getting submerged.

  • Maintain a visual check with your baby at all times - we recommend to carry your baby on a hip or chest, facing you.

  • Keep your baby strictly in vertical position.

  • Be aware and avoid the possibility of waves or streams of water coming up over the baby.

  • Water carrier is neither replacing a life vest, nor can you insert a baby life vest inside (major positional isssues, risk of suffocation)

  • Keep babies’s skin protected against sunshine: hats, clothes, sunscreen, keep in shade - UV light reflects off water.

  • Rinse/wash after use and do not forget to dry well before storing - avoid the musty odour later.

Inspired? Check various brands for their water line! Examples are @integrababy Solar, @minimonkey.official, @beachfrontbaby incl. meh-dai style - half buckle carrier, @the_aquaroo, @sukkiriwatersling, @lennylamb water ring sling, @nekoslings, @neobulle - aquabulle - strap/sling to support your childs’bum, not entirely hands-free, @vlokupbaby (wrap). Did you try and like any other?

Happy splashing!



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