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The One Rule of Babywearing

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

In search of a safe way of carrying newborns, parents get overwhelmed with information that is rarely straightforward and consistent: more often, it confuses or discourages them from following their instincts in favour of selling them a product.

Carrying your baby in a carrier or sling is easy. This natural practice has been around for centuries. And just as it did hundreds of years ago, it allows busy parents to go about their busy lives while keeping their babies close and safe.

Is it difficult to carry a baby? Not at all - scoop up the baby's bum while supporting his or her head with the other. You already knew this! Your baby knows what to do as well and will help you by grabbing and holding onto you. Chest to chest with your baby, you've achieved a safe and healthy position for your newborn, his spine slightly curved, hips gently opened, knees lifted and head up high, breathing freely.

Next, enter the baby carrier.

Pick up any carrier or sling that will support this natural position. Your baby will feel cozy and soothed. Relax and allow yourself to share in this feeling!

It's that simple. Stop searching outside of yourself. You already have the answer. Observe and follow your body's natural instincts. Find what feels right. Enjoy your natural freedom and confidence.

Ideally, your carrier is now smiling. Check here to make sure. I am looking forward to seeing you and your babies rocking those carriers and wraps out there!

Don’t hesitate to reach out: write, send me a picture or tag Follow me for more tips and tricks.

Freedom to babies’ hips!



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