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Make Your Crotch Dangler Smile

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Do you happen to own a carrier with a narrow or super narrow seat, and want to make it hip-healthy?

Kudos to all of you trying to have the baby carrier smile!

This is what your carrier looks like with your baby in it: in case of a super narrow carrier (called crotch dangler) your baby’s legs are hanging straight down, thighs are not being supported by the carrier at all.

In case of a narrow carrier, thighs are not supported knee to knee, leaving the legs’ gravity strain your baby’s possibly shallow hip sockets and lax ligaments.

Narrow seats are not ideal especially with newborns and young babies that need a stable and safe position of their spine and hips inside the carrier.

Healthy solutions

This is what we are going for: baby in a natural spread squat position, supported knee to knee by a smiling carrier. This is a natural, hip-healthy position, promoting your baby’s health and comfort in the carrier.

If your carrier seat is too narrow to achieve that position, for both babies and toddlers, use a scarf tucked into or over the seat to make the carrier smile. Create a wide seat with a wrap or scarf on a top of your carrier, supporting your baby’s thighs knee to knee and tighten on your shoulders. This is an easy temporary fix that makes your narrow or super narrow carrier smile. Works with babies and toddlers too.

Remember, safe babywearing is beneficial for parents and babies at all times, including any less-than-ideal hip healthy position. Don’t forget to let us know about your success, comment, send pictures, tag and follow for more tips and tricks.

Freedom to babies’ hips!



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