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To Insert or Not to Insert?

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Does your carrier require an infant insert to fit your newborn, having you wonder if that is good for your baby?

Several wider based growing carriers on the market use an infant insert (also called booster), a small pre-shaped pillow, sometimes accompanied by taco-shell shaped insert for the entire body of the baby to make the newborns fit the buckle carrier.

This is how newborn is positioned in the carrier with an infant insert.

Using the infant insert not ideal: no insert can guarantee your baby's hip-healthy position in the carrier, aside of giving you extra work and extra heat.

Healthy newborn's position

Stuffing a wide-based carrier with a sitting pillow means forcing a sitting position on a baby that can't sit yet. Newborns do not have the core strength, muscle tone and joints developed yet enough to sit. The sitting position puts pressure on your baby's spine, joints and ligaments, makes your baby slump and requires reinforced head and neck support. The sitting cushion isn’t capable of creating a wide enough seat, the smile. Remember? Only the smiling seat is pulling up evenly baby’s thighs knee-to knee, into their natural spread squat position. Read more about a hip-healthy, smiling carrier here.

Make your carrier smile with your baby's bum in it

The spread squat position supported by the smiling carrier is your goal, especially with a newborn. Knees of your baby ideally end up above the level of the bottom, pelvis tucked in, the lower back of your baby curves mildly, without any effort. With the smiling carrier - or a wrap - find a hip-healthy and comfortable position for both of you.

In case your carrier is too large for your baby, we suggest to skip the insert and look for a temporary solution so you can carry your baby comfortably: a size-appropriate carrier, a carrier with truly adjustable seat or a wrap. Anything that makes your carrier smile.

Remember, safe babywearing is beneficial for parents and babies at all times, including any less-than-ideal hip healthy position. Check The one rule of babywearing to find out the babywearing basics. And don't forget to let us find out.

I am looking forward to see the smiling seats you make with your baby’s bums!

Don’t forget to let us know about your success: write, comment, send pictures and tag Follow for more tips and tricks.

Freedom to babies’ hips!



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