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The Power of a Guided Session

Babywearing can be intimidating at first. It requires skill and knowledge to become convenient. Once it does, it can be a game changer. Babywearing consultant, an educator, a coach is a trained professional who can provide you with guidance and support when you need it, saving you money, time, effort and the loss of opportunity to enjoy the wins of babywearing. This is how only one hour of your time could change your life for the better:

A successful start to babywearing.

A babywearing consultant can teach you how to recognize the safe and comfortable position of the baby and acknowledge possible risks to avoid. Once you learn these skills, you can confidently recognize which ones are safe and useful and pick your favorite carrier or wrap that works best for your lifestyle.

There is a variety of carriers on the market, and it can be overwhelming for new parents to choose one. Babywearing consultant can help you navigate the options of baby carriers and wraps and choose the best for you. We are talking safety, comfort and special needs.

In case you are having difficulty using a carrier or is experiencing discomfort, babywearing consultant can provide troubleshooting advice and make recommendations to fix your situation.

Boost your confidence.

Learning how to carry a baby safely and in comfort can be a significant confidence booster for you as a parent. Knowing that you have the skills and the power to soothe and protect your baby contributes to self-realization, mental balance and well-being of the entire family.

Promote equality in your partnership.

Babywearing consultants can also help to balance and achieve equality in partnerships by welcoming both care takers/partners to the session. It is important to give an opportunity to learn how to use the carrier safely and effectively to all parties involved. This can become a life-changing bonding experience for both the baby and the caregivers.

Offer ongoing help and wider baby-related support.

Babywearing consultants can provide you with support even after the initial session. Follow-up sessions can ensure that you are on the right track and can address any concerns or questions that may come up as you continue to use the carrier. Parents can benefit from the consultant's knowledge and expertise in babywearing as well as the coach's network within the broader baby-related service industry. This can lead to more comprehensive and coordinated care for both the baby and the family as a whole.

How to find a babywearing professional? Try to look one up, listed as a member of a babywearing organization, among doula or midwifery networks or simply in an online search, using keywords such as "babywearing consultant" along with the name of your location. You can search for #babywearingeducator and # your town or country on social media or look up babywearing groups in your area and inquire about babywearing consultants. You can also check with local parenting groups, parenting classes, or childbirth education programs.

Look up the consultant's experience, certifications and reviews, regardless of the organizational affiliations of the profesisonal, and see if you are working with a qualified and reputable professional. Membership in a babywearing organization can be beneficial, however, it's not the only indicator of a babywearing consultant's qualifications or expertise.

Babywearing professional’s guidance and support can change your life as a new parent. Feel free to look around and find your favorite consultant, educator or coach and experience the babywearing wins yourself ❤️



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