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Ergonomic doesn't equal fitting

“Ergonomic,” a term derived from “ergonomics,” refers to a product designed to fit, to be efficient and comfortable to use. What does a word “ergonomic” on the label of your baby carrier guarantee?

Nothing, really.

Structured carriers on the market today are never absolutely universal. There is a high chance an “ergonomic” carrier simply won’t fit - you.

In babywearing terminology, the term “ergonomic” might indicate a carrier with a seat wider than super narrow. Unfortunately, the width of the seat does not equal a hip-healthy position or your baby’s comfort either. Do not mind the “ergonomic” label of your carrier and put your carrier on and pop your baby inside, facing in. Check the overall safety of your carrier: does the top of it reach up to your baby’s earlobes? Is the baby high and close enough not to swing low, slump or fall out when you bend over? See if you are comfortable.

Check for your baby’s comfort. Ideally, your baby is supported in the carrier in a hip-healthy position. With the help of a mirror, have a look at the shape of your carrier’s seat: did you make it smile? If you see a true ear-to-ear smile - or let’s say knee-to-knee smile, then congratulations are in order. You’ve got yourself a safe, hip-healthy carrier.

In case your carrier is not ergonomic for you, don't give up. Get curious. Read. Try other carriers on. Book a session with your favorite babywearing consultant. Explore sling libraries nearby. Find a carrier that is ergonomic for you ❤️



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