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LEt'S do it!  

House Visit in the Brussels Area: If you're in the Brussels area and prefer a face-to-face meeting, I'm available for house visits. Let's discuss your needs and goals in person.

Prefer to meet online? Schedule a virtual session at your convenience. Wherever you are, we can connect virtually to address your concerns and explore solutions together.

Cooperation, Proposal, Question, You Name It! Have a specific request or inquiry? Interested in a joint project? Simply have a question? Reach out to us for any reason – we're here to help.

Workshop: Join one of our informative workshops to dive deeper into topics related to personal development and empowerment. Gain valuable insights and tools to carry you forward on your path.

Give the gift of personal growth with our E-Vouchers. Perfect for friends, family, or colleagues who could benefit from coaching and guidance.

Are you ready to take the next step in your journey? Let's connect! Book your consultation or workshop today at We speak English, French, Czech, or Croatian. Whatever your preferred language, we are here to assist you on your journey.



I am Michaela, a lawyer, mom of three, raising a family in Brussels, Belgium, celebrating a decade of passion for babywearing. I am your carry coach. 

I am an experienced babywearing consultant, trained by die Trageschule® and registered by the Draagconsulenten Vlaanderen vzw. I work as a carry coach and write this BLOG to empower moms and dads to follow their instincts and carry their little ones with confidence. I am on a mission to help parents and their babies become happier, healthier, together ❤️


Cristine S.

This session has been so helpful! Helped us find a carrier me and my partner feel comfortable with.

Robin B.

The class is a game changer. It gave me confidence. I carry my baby since and we love it. 

Marie S.

We had a class while expecting. I was able to carry my baby from day one, without worry. Feeling enabled to use a carrier correctly  is priceless.  Great value!

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