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JUDr. Michaela Andrejaš LL.M.
Carry coach

I am Michaela, a lawyer, mom of three, raising a family in Brussels, celebrating a decade of passion for babywearing.   

I am an experienced babywearing consultant, trained by die Trageschule® and registered by the Draagconsulenten Vlaanderen vzw. I work as a carry coach and write a blog to empower moms and dads to follow their instincts and carry their little ones with confidence. 


I will be happy to help any care taker choosing the right type of a carrier or wrap and teach them how to use it correctly. 

happier. healthier.
Rocking the world together.

Carrying babies on your body is the most natural, healthy and practical child-bearing practice. 

Empowered with the right carrier and skill you can unleash your parenting potential: succeed in soothing and protecting your baby while being free to do things, go places, enjoy life with your baby to the fullest.

Let me help you choose the right tool for you, your baby and your partner, be it a wrap or a structured carrier and show you how to use it. I welcome moms, dads and anyone else seeking advice on how to wrap a sling or fix a baby carrier.


aN easy Life hack.

I will be happy to meet you during a virtual or in-person consultation or workshop. 

Feel free to book here a virtual individual, couple or a group session. Write me an e-mail for an in-person consultation or workshop in Brussels, Belgium.

Due to a popular demand, you can now buy a my session in a form of an e-voucher and an e-gift card. 

Get in touch to discuss any other cooperation, proposal or question.  I'll be happy to help!

Follow me for carry coaching tips and stay tuned for upcoming events and workshops

See you soon!  


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